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Pipe Burst

5 Ways to Prevent Pipe Bursts Using an IoT Smart Building Solution

  For many building owners and facility managers, frozen pipes can be one of the most dreaded problems that can arise during the winter months. Most...

Commercial Buildings Account for 25 percent of overall water usage

Technology Finds Wider Use in Commercial Building Water Management

  Ongoing drought conditions on the West Coast have cast the spotlight on trends in water use. Conservation efforts that started out as voluntary are...

importance of water management and conservation, image

Smart Building Water Management: Good for Your Business and the Planet

  As changes to local climates drives water shortages all around the globe, effective water management becomes more and more crucial. When we...

Smart Buildings Evolve to Smart Offices and Enhance the Human Experience

  By Megan Bozman My longtime business mentor likes to say I’m a plant that requires sunshine for photosynthesis. While this isn’t literally true, of...

ENERGY STAR Battle of the Buildings

Energy Star: The Trusted Blue Label for Products and Buildings

  By Megan Bozman Who hasn’t had the joyful task of shopping for a new refrigerator and seeing the “ENERGY STAR” labels? ENERGY STAR is described as,...

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