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How You Can Use Sensors to Improve Housing

We now have more cellphones than people in the world. This has led to the expectation that everything has to be at our fingertips. Hence, smart home...

Another Universal Internet of Things Language

By Megan Bozman By the simplest definition IoT things are internet-connected devices. Connectivity is a defining trait. And yet, those ‘things’ are...

Bosch Group board management member Peter Tyroller, picture

Bosch Ushers in Industrie 4.0 with Smart Building, Smart Home Solutions

  By Megan Bozman The strategies and evolution of The Bosch Group, with worldwide sales of over 70 billion euros, provide an interesting look into...

Google Home image

Toward the Smart House with the Launch of Google Home

  By Megan Bozman The path to ubiquitous IoT connectivity marches inexorably on. I found myself wondering when there would be a sensor on my dog. I...

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