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PointGrab provides critical and actionable data about occupants’ activity in a building.

Smart Building Solutions: Integration is Key

  By Megan Bozman Schneider Electric is a great company to watch in the IoT and smart building space. Back in July, I wrote about a report written by...

Purpose-built IoT solutions such as Senseware smart building technology should enable fast and easy set-up

“IoT Washing” Versus Purpose-Built: 4 Things to Look For

  By Megan Bozman I could not agree more with Forbes contributor Adam Wray that, “technology solutions should be purpose-built for IoT in order to...

Iconic scene from an iconic movie: Michael, Samir and Peter destroy a printer

Smart Building Tech: Not Just about People

  By Megan Bozman David Karpook, vice chairman of the Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE), recently published an article in Facility...

Pilot project leverages the new Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal, powered by Microsoft Azure, to help smart building managers and owners gain insights and take pre-emptive actions.

Singapore Smart Buildings: Microsoft & BCA Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal

  By Megan Bozman Buildings in Singapore consume about one-third of the nation’s electricity, and chiller plants use up to half of the total building...

Ericsson Application Platform for IoT powers the smart building analytics

Nordic Smart Building Tech: ISS Leverages Ericsson and IBM Watson IoT

  By Megan Bozman Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, ISS Facilities Management is one of the world’s largest private employers, with over half a...

internet of things cloud, image

Cloud Utility Data: The Gold Standard for Facilities Management Today

  The Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically altered the landscape of many industries, and facilities management is no exception. Moving...

Sensor Networks Extend Connectivity

Sensor Networks Extend Digital Connectivity: 3 Factors to Consider Before You Buy

    As the deployment of digital sensors extends digitization and connectivity to previously analog tasks, processes, and machine and service...

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