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Pipe Burst

5 Ways to Prevent Pipe Bursts Using an IoT Smart Building Solution

  For many building owners and facility managers, frozen pipes can be one of the most dreaded problems that can arise during the winter months. Most...

IoT Increases Building Value

How IoT Can Increase Property Value and Decrease Insurance Risk and Premiums

  Commercial property value and insurance premiums have a positive relationship in most cases. Directly implying that an increase in the value of a...

smart building device image

How Smart Building Technology is Shaping the Future of Commercial Real Estate

  How many times have you discussed how hot or cold your office was over the last few months? Many office workers would agree that the biggest battle...

How IoT Unlocks the Captive Real Estate Market

How IoT Unlocks the Captive Real Estate Market

  More and more facility managers are looking at the Internet of Things to address building automation obsolescence and the captive real estate...

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