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Tenant Comfort

4 Ways Modernizing Existing Buildings Can Attract Tenants

It is impossible to miss the current tech upgrade cycle. The CRE market faces the same challenge as other industries, evolve or pay the price....

Indoor Air Quality Has Become a New Digital Reality in CRE

  Commercial Real Estate (CRE) has been slow to adapt to the current digitization trend. Many imagine themselves impervious to such change. Indoor...

What to Know about Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

What You Need to Know to Select the Best Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution

  Adopting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions for your commercial property, home or any living space is one of the most essential actions you can do...

Benefits of Continuous IAQ During Flush Out Process

Benefits of Using Continuous IAQ Monitoring in the Flush Out Process

  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in recent times is one factor that has the attention of both tenants and owners of commercial buildings. Increased...

Role of IAQ in Construction Projects

The Role of IAQ in Construction Projects

  As mentioned in previous articles, IAQ refers to the Indoor Air Quality within a commercial building and its immediate surroundings. The importance...

Examining the Causes of Poor IAQ

Examining the Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings (VOCs, CO2, PMs, and HCHO)



Cracking the Code Between Smart Technology and IoT to Boost IAQ

  An Overview With individuals spending significant amount of time in commercial buildings, indoor air quality (IAQ) will have a great deal of impact...

How the convergencec of IoT and IAQ has influenced energy efficiency projects

How the Convergence of IoT and IAQ has Influenced Energy Efficiency Practices

  Energy costs in commercial buildings is reaching record highs due to a host of factors not limited to increased competition, boom in technology...

Who Should Care About IAQ and Why

Who Should Care About IAQ and Why

  Since we spend most of our time indoors compared to outdoors, the air we breathe whether at home, offices, schools or hospitals can increase the...

Why You Should Focus on Proactive IAQ Tests Versus Reactive IAQ Tests

Why You Should Focus on Proactive IAQ Tests Versus Reactive IAQ Tests

  Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a term, which refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the...

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