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Snowing in the City

10 Tips to Make Your Building Energy Efficient This Winter

  Winter is here. Check out our blog as we discuss 10 tips to make your building energy efficient this winter.

New Software Applications Released on The Senseware Platform

Our customers asked, we listened. We are excited to release our new software application capabilities (Apps). We have released two new Apps; a...

Wired versus Wiredless

The Truth About IoT Implementations - Wireless vs. Wired

  What is Internet of Things (IoT)? There is a lot of hype around IoT and how it can benefit us, from self-driving cars to detecting glucose levels...

3 Ways IoT Will Make a Greener Year

  The Internet of Things (IoT) is an industry that is only getting bigger. Currently, the industry is projected to reach 50 billion connected devices...

CANDI’s PowerTools software has been integrated with the Intel Building Management Platform

Building Management Systems Integrations and Worldwide Events

  By Megan Bozman Everyone seems to be ‘playing nicely’ in the smart building world these days. Earlier this week I wrote about integrations between...

Pilot project leverages the new Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal, powered by Microsoft Azure, to help smart building managers and owners gain insights and take pre-emptive actions.

Singapore Smart Buildings: Microsoft & BCA Chiller Efficiency Smart Portal

  By Megan Bozman Buildings in Singapore consume about one-third of the nation’s electricity, and chiller plants use up to half of the total building...

ENERGY STAR Battle of the Buildings

Energy Star: The Trusted Blue Label for Products and Buildings

  By Megan Bozman Who hasn’t had the joyful task of shopping for a new refrigerator and seeing the “ENERGY STAR” labels? ENERGY STAR is described as,...

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