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How to communicate your health and wellness plan

Strategies to Communicate Your Health & Wellness Plans to Your Occupants

  According a study conducted by US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), there is a huge risk associated with indoor air quality(IAQ) and our...

How Continuous Commissioning Impacts Building Performance

How Continuous Commissioning is Impacting Building Performance

  Prior to continuous commissioning, also known as Automated Continuous Commissioning, commercial buildings after construction implemented a onetime...

Using Fitwell and WELL Building for IAQ

How WELL Building Standards and Fitwel Ensure Indoor Air Quality

  Alarming statistics has shown that polluted air is the leading environmental cause of premature mortality in the United States of America today. It...

Why You Should Transition to Continuous Commissioning

Why We Love the Transition to Continuous Commissioning and You Should Too

    What is continuous commissioning? The term continuous commissioning was coined by engineers at Energy Systems Lab in Texas A&M University to...

Ways to Gain ROI with IAQ Strategy with Senseware

Ways to Gain ROI by Implementing an IAQ Strategy

Importance of IAQ Today, there is an increased awareness of the co-relation between IAQ and health. Multiple scientific studies have published...

Making Sense of Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Data

Making Sense of Indoor Air Quality Metrics

  Indoor air quality is not as simple as maintaining a HVAC system or fixing a leaking duct. It is constantly changing and is affected by a complex...

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