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Energy Efficiency Calculations

Key Calculations For A Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Strategy

  A comprehensive energy efficiency strategy for a commercial building involves striking a delicate balance between cutting energy costs and...

Remote Building Monitoring

How the Cloud Enables You to Be Energy Efficient

  Building owners and facility managers are often perplexed by the amount of data collected from utilities, maintenance and building management...


How Monitoring and Correlating Weather Data Impacts Building Efficiency

  Energy consumption in commercial buildings is crucial to the management and sustainability of commercial properties. Based on a 2016 EIA (Energy...

Pipe Burst

5 Ways to Prevent Pipe Bursts Using an IoT Smart Building Solution

  For many building owners and facility managers, frozen pipes can be one of the most dreaded problems that can arise during the winter months. Most...

IoT Increases Building Value

How IoT Can Increase Property Value and Decrease Insurance Risk and Premiums

  Commercial property value and insurance premiums have a positive relationship in most cases. Directly implying that an increase in the value of a...


6 Reasons Why Building Analytics Should be Top of Mind in 2018

  Most buildings use Building Management Systems (BMS) to manage the day to day operations of a facility. While BMS provides features like alerts and...

Large Cooling Tower

Back to Basics: Cooling Towers 101



What is MVLR and Why it is Important

  There is no denying in this day and age that everything is somewhat interconnected. This web of interconnectedness implies a direct or indirect...

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