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Another Universal Internet of Things Language

By Megan Bozman By the simplest definition IoT things are internet-connected devices. Connectivity is a defining trait. And yet, those ‘things’ are...

Chiller system

The Ultimate Guide to Chiller Systems. Everything You Need to Know.


Water Encoder Bridge

New Indoor Air Quality Sensor Package and Water Encoder Sensor Bridge

  We are excited to release two new solutions adding to our growing product portfolio. We have released a new indoor air quality package and a new...

HVAC Systems

Everything You Need To Know About HVAC Systems But Are Too Embarrassed To Ask


Launch Your Buildings to the 21st Century

3 Ways to Launch Your Buildings into the 21st Century

  Energy efficiency and energy savings are at the topmost goal of every commercial building owner and facility manager. This is because buildings...

Builder Online

The Gift of Data for Better Living and Cost Savings via Builder Online

  “Every time that we want a specific type of data, we find a sensor. Sometimes we have to do some development around sensors to make them usable....

Housing, Innovation, Vision and Economics

Tapping Data for Better Living and Cost Savings - HIVE

Several experts weigh in on how housing can benefit from real-time data streams. See what our CEO, Serene Almomen has to say.

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