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LEED Certification Basics

  Basics and Benefits of LEED Certification for Commercial Projects

Smart Building Solution, Senseware, Inc., Issued Two Additional Patents

Senseware's smart building patent portfolio rapidly expands to five patents following today’s issuance of two new patents covering retrofit...

Multiple commissioning types that can improve a facility's

The Various Types of Commissioning (Cx)

  If you're reading this blog post and aren't quite sure what commissioning (Cx) is, read up on last week's post here. If you already know...


The Importance of Monitoring Cooling Towers

  Most commercial office buildings, hospitals, and schools use a cooling tower as part of their air conditioning systems. Water and energy usage are...

The Importance of Building Commissioning (Cx)

The Importance of Building Commissioning (Cx)

  In the 2016 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency indicator survey, 72 percent of respondents have plans to increase investment in energy efficiency...

Submetering vs. CT Energy Monitoring

  Facilities and buildings account for approximately 40 percent of energy consumption across the globe and are responsible for 30 percent of the...

Reliable Building Data

7 Ways Smart Buildings are Changing Commercial Real Estate

  Smart building technology has a profound effect on many industries, such as manufacturing, as well as the commercial real estate market. Today's...

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