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Cracking the Code Between Smart Building Technologies and IoT to Boost IAQ

The Future Role of IT in Smart Buildings

  As information technology (IT) develops further, it is important to distinguish how it differs from operations technology (OT). Both types of...

How IoT Unlocks the Captive Real Estate Market

How IoT Unlocks the Captive Real Estate Market

  More and more facility managers are looking at the Internet of Things to address building automation obsolescence and the captive real estate...

12 Commercial Energy Conservation Tips

 Commercial and residential buildings account for 40 percent of the United States' total energy consumption, but facility managers can decrease an...

importance of water management and conservation, image

Smart Building Water Management: Good for Your Business and the Planet

  As changes to local climates drives water shortages all around the globe, effective water management becomes more and more crucial. When we...

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