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How Continuous Real-Time Data Helps Streamline Energy Audits

How Continuous Real-Time Data Helps Streamline Energy Audits

  Conducting regular audits into your facility's energy systems is a key way to boost your efficiency and your bottom line. According to the...

MIT media lab smart building, image

How Smart Building Technology Can Boost Building Value

  As IoT technology and philosophy continue to advance, smart buildings are becoming an increasingly attractive option for property investors....

Google is releasing a Developer Preview of Android Things, a comprehensive way to build IoT products with the power of Android.

Google’s Updated Internet of Things Platform: Android Things and Weave

  By Megan Bozman As an Android phone user, I’m a big fan of Google and services like Google Maps, Google Voice, and Google Play Music. Although I...

dotdot by Zigbee Alliance, The New Universal Language of the Internet of Things

By Megan Bozman “There’s something you should know. You’re toaster has a burning desire to talk to your espresso machine. But something doesn’t...

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