Introducing our Indoor Air Quality Widget

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The Senseware team is excited to announce our Indoor Air Quality Widget. Due to our wildly popular Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Package, the Senseware team has developed and released an IAQ Widget for your dashboards.

data-align="left">Senseware's IAQ Widget can now be added to your dashboards. The Widget works in tandem with your IAQ Packages to display your data in an intuitive way.


The IAQ Widget automatically detects which modules have Air Quality channels and has pre-set thresholds based on EPA standards that you can adjust according to your needs.

Dashboard Updates

  • You can now clone dashboards, dashboard categories, and widgets
  • Dashboard categories are now collapsible
  • International phone numbers are supported for users and text notifications
  • International zip codes are now supported in the Installation Page
  • Data Forwards App, a centralized location to create and configure Real-Time Data Forwards.


Interested in how you can utilize our indoor air quality packages?  Request a customized demo!



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