Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Package

Introducing our Controls App and Our New Indoor Environmental Quality Package

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We're excited to introduce you to our newest feature: The Controls App, allowing you to control equipment based on schedules, sensors and external weather data. We also have some new hardware: our new Indoor Environmental Quality package, including sensors such as sound, pressure and vibration.

Controls App

Senseware’s Controls App is a centralized location to configure, set and monitor your controls using our Timer Control Bridge or Modbus Control Bridge. In addition to performing on/off operations, modifying set points, and operating manual overrides on your equipment, the Controls App expands the control parameters, allowing Sensor inputs to control multiple pieces of equipment, such as HVAC start time or exterior lights.

Features include:

  • Setting multiple schedules to easily and remotely toggle between normal hours and holiday hours
  • Creating conditional controls to trigger equipment based on Sensor environmental conditions
  • Grouping multiple points of control under one schedule
  • Modifying setpoints/schedules on equipment using Modbus

When you access the Controls App, you will be able to see all of your configured controls, the current state and the activity over the past few days.

Add Control Widgets to your dashboard to confirm the state of your controls, allowing you to swiftly identify equipment status, and perform manual overrides if needed.

Visit the details view to see even more information on schedules and trend control behavior over time.

Use the Controls App to streamline your workflow and extend your reach with real-time controls.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Senseware now offers a new Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) packageincluding a variety of sensors such as sound, pressure and vibration, in addition to our existing light, occupancy, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors.

For example, along with Seneware's Real-Time Analytics, multiple pressure sensors can be used to calculate the differential pressure between rooms, all without drilling holes to install hardware and tubing. The sound sensor can be used to study conference room occupancy or the impact of nearby construction on your tenants.

If you would like to start using the Controls App or add additional hardware to your installation to take full advantage of the Real-Time Analytics, let us know by sending a note to Customer Success or through the online chat button.

Not familiar with our existing hardware and want to learn more? Click here to get our latest product catalog or send a note to Customer Success.


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