Smart Building Solution, Senseware, Inc., Issued Two Additional Patents

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Senseware's smart building patent portfolio rapidly expands to five patents following today’s issuance of two new patents covering retrofit technologies for improving building sustainability.

Senseware, Inc. (Senseware), an Internet of Things (IoT) company, announced today that Senseware has been awarded two additional patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Combined with the three patents awarded to Senseware earlier this month, Senseware has rapidly grown their patent portfolio to capture the smart building solution trends sweeping the commercial real-estate industry.

The patent for invention number 9,551,594 covers wireless nodes that can be configured to capture data from various sensors, meters or devices in a building. The flexibility afforded by the configurable wireless nodes enables rapid deployment of wireless sensor networks targeted to the particular sensor needs of a commercial building. With this invention, building owners and operators can deploy custom sensor solutions across their diverse portfolio of buildings without delay.

The patent for invention number 9,554,236 covers wireless nodes that include a suite of environmental sensors for acquisition of temperature, humidity and light measurement data. Environmental monitoring applications have grown in importance within the commercial real-estate industry.  With this invention, building owners and operators can monitor the environmental profile within their facilities to assist workspace optimization efforts and to promote tenant satisfaction.

“The Intelligent Building sector is booming and our pace of innovation is now being matched by the rapid growth in our Intellectual Property assets,” said Serene Almomen, CEO, Senseware. “The patent process takes time, but we committed ourselves to an aggressive patent strategy from the beginning. There’s much more still to come,” she said.

Like other business sectors, the Intelligent Building sector is rapidly changing. Building owners and operators know that new technologies can drive down their facility management costs. Senseware’s low-cost, retrofit strategy for improving building sustainability can derive actionable insights from real-time monitoring data for commercial buildings of any size.

About Senseware:

Senseware, located in McLean, VA, is a leader in developing commercial and industrial IoT solutions that combine hardware, software and cloud data solutions into a tightly integrated, full-stack solution. 

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