CANDI’s PowerTools software has been integrated with the Intel Building Management Platform

Building Management Systems Integrations and Worldwide Events

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By Megan Bozman

Everyone seems to be ‘playing nicely’ in the smart building world these days. Earlier this week I wrote about integrations between Schneider Electric and Panasonic, and PointGrab and Gooee. PointGrab also recently announced a $7 million investment.

CANDI Integrates with Intel

This week, CANDI’s PowerTools software has been integrated with the Intel Building Management Platform (Intel BMP).

“CANDI-enabled gateways simplify smart building deployments by making it quick and easy—and often automatic—to integrate smart products such as meters, switches, thermostats, lights, sensors, cameras, and building controls.

CANDI CEO Steve Raschke said, “CANDI PowerTools software provides the bridge between the Intel® BMP and the end applications that make buildings smart and connected. We make it easy to access and use more data from more devices, with a cost-effective, cloud-based solution.”

Lowering TCO Brings Building Management Systems Down-Market

CANDI’s press release states that smaller commercial buildings have found it difficult to justify the costs of building management systems (BMS). Memoori confirms, “Mid-market buildings make up some 85% of the commercial real estate in the US, that’s over 5 million buildings of which less than 10% have smart building systems.”

But, CANDI’s release continues, “The proliferation of low-cost, advanced IoT technologies and open, cloud-based platforms are transforming building automation technology.”

Building Management System (BMS) vs. Senseware's Smart Building Solution

CANDI’s product offering itself continues on the theme of ‘playing nicely’ by integrating disparate building control systems. The company’s website states, “We created an open software translation layer that automatically coordinates data communication between legacy building control subsystems, next-generation IoT devices, and best-in-class business intelligence apps for smart buildings.”

United Arab Emirates’ New Smart Buildability Index

The Smart Buildability Index was launched this week in Dubai. The index aims to standardize building designs that adopt modern building techniques such as 3D printing and use locally manufactured steel structures, and pre-fabricated pillars and walls, in addition to rationalizing the use of unskilled labor.

“Such indexes should be developed to ensure standards in the UAE are on par with the highest international benchmarks,” stated HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minster of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

International Smart Building Events

In other worldwide smart building news, the 10th edition of the Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT), was held this week. Next week Smart Home Summit, will take place from November 1-2 in Palo Alto, CA.

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