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Webinar: IoT and The Future of Commercial Real Estate

This webinar covers the role of IoT in the CRE space, how it can add value, and practical steps to create a smart building. 

Are Indoor Air Quality Scores Real?

Author: Julien Stamatakis Ph.D., Senseware CTO and Co-Founder Indoor Air Quality scores seem to be popping up everywhere claiming to tell you if the...

New Product Alert: Air Duct IAQ System

Senseware’s new Air Duct IAQ System is a unique and novel indoor air quality solution designed to directly monitor the air moving through HVAC ducts...

Introducing Senseware’s Public IAQ Lobby View

Senseware is proud to announce our latest feature Lobby View - a sleek, design-forward way to share real-time indoor air quality data with your...

Can Senseware alert you to mold growth? Yes!

Introducing Senseware's Mold Warning: Get real-time alerts when your conditions are conducive to mold growth  By: Max Rothman While we often think of...

Press: Tech Company Senseware Disrupts IAQ Market With First Ever Real-Time Ionization Detector: IAQ-I

Senseware releases IAQ-I, a groundbreaking, first-to-market real-time solution to measure the effectiveness of bipolar ionization and air health. 

Maintaining ‘Best in Class’ Sensors

Julien Stamatakis, Co-Founder and CTO of Senseware reflects on the process of upgrading sensor technology to meet customer needs. 

Senseware Joins Siemens Connect Ecosystem To Make Healthy Smart Buildings The Future

Siemens and Senseware, Inc. today announced that Senseware has joined the growing Siemens Connect Ecosystem – a network that brings together experts...

INFOGRAPHIC | Improving School Safety with IAQ

Small measures can have a big impact on the spread of COVID-19. See what you can do to increase safety, measure effectiveness, and help your schools...

IAQ Applications In Schools

IAQ Monitoring Applications in Schools

Countless organizations have been tirelessly working to establish standards to help schools re-open.  Government and research institutions like...

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